Why Us



FICCweb® is a web based SaaS software ideal to run your business from anywhere, Computer, Tablet or Phone.

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Enterprise Wide

FICCweb® is flexible enough to work with almost any type of company that sell products or services.

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FICCweb® will be your cheapest employee, any small to medium company can afford it.

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Best Support

We train one person in every company, included with the initial setup, No contracts, cancel anytime.

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Our history

We started developing FICC in 1985 using D-base III, we rewrote the system several times with the same concept but with different technology every time, with the last version we are using SQL in combination with .NET. You can start using FICCweb® in a record time and depending on what type of software you are currently using we can import your Items, Customers and Suppliers.



You have the opportunity of growing your business with a small investment, great support and a goof business are the PLUS.

Your cheapest employee

With a powerful tool like FICCweb® becomes your cheapest and best employee, call us and will show how forceful FICCweb could be.

Real Time Information

FICCweb® gives you real time information, you don't need anybody to tell you how good or how bad is your business, just keep your FICCweb® up to date and you'll be the wizard.


FICCweb® works over the web

With database power over the web, you can run your business from anywhere, computer, tablet or phone, you can be always on top of your business.

One Click away

FICCweb® works with the web concepts of links that take you from one place to the other very easily, even though you have menus the links take you to any part of the program.

Fast and Secure

The FICCweb® has it's own encryption and hides the links for the external world.



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I use the FICCweb since 2012, the concept is very powerful and is very intuitive and user fiendly, I recommended to anybody to manage their business

Jessica Priston