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Graphics with Critic Results

We implemented Graphics to get a quick input of critic operations and also for the functioning of your entire business.

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Automated Daily Backup

With this option the system will do a daily backup every day a the time you choose,  you only need to copy the backup to your computer.

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Print Invoices and Sales Orders in Spanish and Portuguese

Be able to print Invoices and Sales Orders is a Plus, in many countries Invoices in English are not accepted, besides before you print the document the system will show an Exchange Rate and the currency Symbol.

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 Entry and Exit Notes - Inventory

The system will be able to issue entries and Exits from the Inventory, in this way you can send merchandise out of your warehouse for different reasons.

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FICCweb® 4.8 Upgrade

FICCweb 4.8 have the capability to run in any html5 Browser, no matter if the browser is working under Windows, Linux or Mac on a PC, Tablet or Smart Phone.

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Double Authentication

We implemented 2 types of Authentication, the first one disables any user if tries to login entering the wrong password 3 times, the Second type is Double Authentication, sends a code to the email of the registered user and this code must be enter it in the login page.

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Invoice Status

Now when a customer pays an Invoice the PDF appears with a stamp under the Invoice number that says PAID and if the customer doesn't paid the Invoice in full appears under the Invoice number "Not Paid in Full" and under this message Bal: $100.00 and the amount for the Invoice to be paid in full.

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